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We are comparing two adverts about the product Ovaltine. In the 1930’s advert the product is directed to mothers, trying to persuade them to buy the product Ovaltibe, the productt adevertising point is, it will make the mother’s kid smarter and stronger. This makes the mothers buy their kids lots of Ovaltine as they feel they cannot deprive their child of this possible extra talent. But the 1980’s advert is directed at young people. The 1930’s advert is displayed in a cookery book and the 1980’s advert is displayed on a billboard. In the 1930’s advert the logo is huge and very visible. It seems as like the Ovaltine producers are proud of their logo. But in the 1980’s advert the logo is hardly visible. This is maybe because the Ovaltine producers are slightly embarrassed of the logo as it might of gone out of style. The kids in the 1930’s advert are in pyjamas and are relaxed and very laid back. This makes the reader think how comes i can’t be so laid back. The layout in the 1930’s is very much standard book display. Its obvious its set out for a book as it gives lots of room for the advert so the reader can see it. The layout in the 1980’s advert is obviously displayed for a landscape view and the picture of the two ladies is big and revealing. So when you see the billboard, the first thing you see its two young ladies. The logo size in the 1930’s advert is huge and you can’t miss it. In the 1980’s advert, the logo is very small, and is almost not visible to the eye at first glance. Its almost as if the the makers of Ovaltine, don’t want the logo in the advert, but they have to, to please other share holders. The layout is very old fashioned style in the 1930’s advert, like a poster. But in the 1980’s advert the layout is very new american style. In the pictures of the 1930’s advert there are three happy children, drinking tea and smiling. This makes people

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