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Out of the Dust Essay This dry and poor book is about a girl named Billie Jo who survives through many hardships during the 1930s in Oklahoma. Some of these hardships are constant dust storms, the death of important people, and no rain for crops to grow. On the bright side, Billie Jo loves to play the piano. It is her favorite thing to do, until she injures her hand. Later in the story, Billie Jo learns that it is better to live with a family, rather than running away and becoming a homeless and poor person. It was a typical day in Oklahoma. It was dry and there were no sources of water what so ever. Billie Jo was a strong, brave, and young girl who lived through all of this with her Ma and Pa. Pa wanted a boy because a boy could help him out with all the farm works. However, Billie Jo was still treated like a boy.…show more content…
Pa is thinking of just giving up on it, but he doesn’t because it is the only source of money he can get for the family. Then, one day, Pa put a container of kerosene on the counter. Ma was making coffee, and she thought that the container of kerosene was water. She put it in the coffee maker, and everything went in to flames. Billie Jo saved Ma, but Ma was still burned. Billie Jo was burnt too. Her hands were stinging because her flesh wounds were popping out with blood dripping out. Ma was badly burned too. For the past days, all Billie Jo has been feeling is pain in her hands. One night, Billie Jo wakes up from a terrible nightmare. She came home during a dust storm. She saw that her piano was dirty with dust. She became furious. She blamed it on Ma because Ma didn’t make the piano clean. Pa asked Billie to get some water for him. Billie Jo puts kerosene in the cup and gives it to Pa. Pa gave the cup of “water” to Ma. Soon, Ma gave birth to a fire baby. Ma died and so did the baby. The next day, Ma was extremely hurt. She had no power. Soon, she gives birth to a baby boy, but she dies. The baby dies too. Billie Jo

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