Othello’s Downfall – a Tragic Hero

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A tragedy is a story of a person’s demise brought on them by the specific flaws in their character. The “Tragedy of Othello” by William Shakespeare tells a story of deceit and revenge. Othello, the central figure of the play, is a man noble to his country and people. He is an amazing character, a tragic hero, who has befallen to undeserved misfortune and folly. While it may seem, that the tragedy of Othello was caused by the evil villain Iago, I believe that he was not the only one to blame. Although Iago played a big role in destroying his enemy, it was Othello’s character flaws that led himself to his own downfall. It is because of Othello’s gullibility, lack of trust in others, insecurity, and jealousy that he becomes a victim of his own tragedy.
Othello is a very gullible person, and it is because of his gullibility that he is easily tricked into this situation by Iago. There many points in the play that show just how gullible Othello is***He trusted Iago; even after realizing Iago had a “monstrous” plan in mind Othello still trusted him, in 3.3.106-107 Othello says “by heaven, thou echoest me, As if there were some monster in thy thought.” Othello suspects Iago of having an agenda, in 3.3.118-119 when he asks Iago why he is weighing his words so carefully before he speaks, “And for I know thou’rt full of love and honesty and weig’st thy words before giv’st them breath.” In this quote we can see that Othello is on to Iago, he realizes how careful Iago is and even gets the feeling that maybe he is hiding something from him but what does he do? Nothing. Iago even gives himself away in 3.3.127 by responding “Men should be what they seem” Othello ignores the hint and allows Iago to continue to “pour his pessimist.”
Throughout the play Othello goes through many changes one which is his trust. One of the biggest flaws that Othello had was that he lacked trust in

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