Oscar-Claude Monet- “San Giorgio Maggire at Dusk”

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Oscar-Claude Monet- “San Giorgio Maggire at Dusk” My artist is Oscar-Claude Monet and he was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris, France. When Monet started painting, he was studying at, Le Havre, with making charcoal paintings at the age of eleven. He would also sell his charcoal paintings in local areas. During Monet’s high school years, his art teacher was Jacques-Francois Ochard. Later on he met, Eugene Boudin. Eugene helped Monet master oil paints and “plein air” techniques. In 1857, Monet’s mother died so he had to leave school to live with his aunt. He travel to France and since he would bring paints everywhere, he would sit by the window and paint the view. His life in Paris also brought him closer to other painters. For 2 years he stayed in Algeria because he joined the First Regiment of African Light Cavalry, in 1861. He was supposed to stay there for 7 years but his aunt petitioned for him to return after he contacted typhoid. During his studies in university, he met many artists where they all shared their ideas on new, rapid painting techniques. During that time Monet met a young woman, Camille Doncieux. Later on, they had a son, Jean, in 1867. After a short period of time Monet started having many financial problems, which led him to attempt suicide. Luckily, he had Camille to help him recover and they got married in 1870. Monet and Camille decided to leave France to go to England because of the Franco-Prussian War. While they were in England Monet studied other artists like John Constable and Joseph William Turner. He also tried to get his paintings into exhibition but they were denied by the Royal Academy but he never gave up. In 1871, he returned to France to focus more on developing his impressionistic style. There he painted the famous impression, Sunrise in 1872 which later served to name the impressionist movement. After his wife’s death,

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