Online vs Campus Classes

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I feel that online classes are better than campus learning. However during my research I’ve found evidence that can support my thesis and some that doesn’t. I believe that everybody has their own idea of what type of education they want to receive. For instance some people might feel more comfortable with community college because they can stay local and some may pursue a university because they feel that it will offer a better experience. But I’ll let you be the judge. When decide on what type of education you would like to receive you should definitely do your research before you make any sudden decisions. Some of the pros to receiving and education online are that you can work at your own place, and you can save money on traveling. Since your classes are online you don’t have to worry about the location of the school.( You are also free to work and take care of your family on your own time since you don’t have to attend a class at a specific time of day. Also did you know that online schooling costs less than going to a university? Many colleges charge more if you’re a non resident of the state that the school is in. Some of the cons to attending online classes are actually the pros of going to a university. Ironically this information my help you decide which is best for you. When attending a university you are able to have your professor’s and student help center at your finger tips all you have to do is enter the building. Also universities offer many programs in which you can become involved in order to learn new things such as fraternities and organization that you can volunteer for.(The Journal News 2004) Universities also allow you a chance interact with your classmates and form study groups. You can also get more hands-on learning in your classrooms.( 2012) One thing I learned about this experience is that both styles of
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