On Seeing England

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In the essay “ On Seeing England for the First Time” Jamaica Kincaid describes her life as on full of British influences. Kincaid seems passionate about England and seem , as a child, amazed by the idea of going to England. She describes in the early paragraphs, ways England has influenced her life, like her typical breakfast, what her family wears, including her dads favorite hat, cars, stating that “But this breakfast business was Made in England like almost everything else that surrounded us, the exceptions being the seas, the sky and the air we breathed”(3). In those few paragraphs KIncaid uses the phrase “ Made in England many more times than once and decides that she did not believe that the phrase followed with burden. As she grew old and created a life for herself, she visited the place she had longed too. Kincaid visited England. Her writing became bitter, leaving the reader feeling like she saw England to be awful. She was disappointed when she saw England for the first time. Jamaica Kincaid starts off the essay seeming pro-England, describing it as “Our source of myth and the source from which we got our sense of reality, out sense of what was meaningful, out sense of what was meaningless- and much about our own lives and much about the very idea of us headed that last list”(1). , seeming as though her homes would be nothing without England, as if she would be nothing without England. In paragraph four she states “ because there was no longing in me to put a shape to those three words that ran through every part of my life, no matter how :for me to have had such a longing would have meant that i lived in a certain atmosphere, and atmosphere in which those three words were felt as a burden”(4). she seems to not wish to a shape on a map and call it England,so she does not have to feel the distance between her home and there, Kincaid believes, in the

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