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To summarize this indepth story on being criple is simple. In my own opinion you have to be a strong individual. At first it only started off as being thought for the narrator to write essay on criple. It took her to almost hurt herself to do so. The story is very interesting because she starts off by telling what criple mean to her as a individual. It gets better she rather use the word criple instead of handicap and disable. To the narrator criple is such a strong word rather than hadicapp and disable. This is why she as in referring to the narrator is so offensise to the other words referring to her ability such as disable and hadicap. As the essay progressed she began talking about her childhood. In other words she was a normal little girl growing up in a society. She states that her illness started off being just clumsy. Howevever that wasn't the case at all. It ended up being a brain tumor. Threw all the hard ship she continued on with life. The criple didn;t stop her. She continued on with teaching…show more content…
Criple who have children could very easy be in a situation that a child want to know why you as in the criple parent isn't normal like other parents. The embarrasment of a child could cause hard-ship to the relationship of the child and criple. Simply because there is no understanding. Like whites and blacks in the early 1900s. If there no understanding there could be dislike. It's a sad situation how the narrator describe it. Alot of times the criple is along with the child when raising. So it makes the job that more of a hassle. It's more critical in alot of cases the criple was married and the opposite sex usually divorces the criple. In every day life criples go threw so much that seems like it isn't nothing. The narrator wants to show the reader that its more to a individual than uncureable disease. She wants to show that everyone is equall no the effect from the

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