Jane Eyre and the Supernatural

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Connor Haggerty AP Literature and Composition 12/11/11 Mrs. Lehman, per.5 Jane and the Supernatural The common belief of living is growing and finding who “I” am. Each experience is a brick to add to your path because it will only help you move forward. This is how Jane lived. She was able to focus on the road ahead of her and live to her own beat; however, she didn’t live without doubts, or suffering. Throughout Bronte’s “Jane Eyre,” the superstitious presence surrounding Jane represents her transformation from an insecure young girl to a strong, independent woman. Bronte showed us her development in each stage of her life through her use of superstition displayed in the locations where she lived. Although Jane lives most of her life in the adventurous, unknown world, she is given the choice to do what is expected and live a life of honor and plainness; however, she eventually realized that she could not live a life so plain because she couldn’t live without the adventure. At the beginning of the novel, the superstitious presence in the red room shows Jane’s insecurity about herself; the room itself gives a description of her personality through the room’s appearance. As she looks around the room, she recalls that “it was in this chamber he,” her uncle, “breathed his last” (19). As she stands there recalling this fact, she finds “the room is chill…it was silent” (19). The low temperature of the room symbolizes discomfort and fear, maybe even the presence of a ghost; however, the temperature is not the only quality that gives the room its haunting feature, it is also the color scheme. The room is a mix of the defiant color of red and the solemn shade of white. They contrast with each other well because they both represent different elements. Red is the color of passion and corruption, whereas white represents purity and innocence. These colors, together,
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