Official Language Movement

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Official Language Movement Week 7 Checkpoint The Official English Language Movement Tahirih R. Demmitt University of Phoenix The Official English Language Movement According to Thomas, C (1986). The article on The U.S. movement to preserve English. FromThe Times (London, England) focuses on keeping English as the official language in the United States and banning bilingual education. The author Stuttaford, G. with the Publishers Weekly 237.n35 (1990): p.p55(1). wrote an article titled The English-Only Question: An Official language for Americans? Baron, English professor from University of Illinois, says regardless of the allowance of bilingualism the schools the English language will remain the official language. Author: Picardi C. (2007). From AC Associated Content. Wrote an article on A study of the official language movement. This study focuses mainly on the educational side and touches up on the political side of. Political A former U.S. house speaker, Newt Gingrich, promised to enforce the English only law if he were elected president of the USA in (2008) Educational Some schools specialize in teaching English to foreign. Studies show those who are bilingual have stronger problem solving skills. Author Steven W. Bender wrote an article Titled: Race, Racism and the law. sub-title Impact of English Language Movement updated (2009). This informs about the beginning of The Official English movement, why the U.S. English was formed. If the English language laws survive it will hinder efforts in extending consumer protection to language minority. In addition, it covers both scenarios, allowing and disallowing bilingual education, political and employment as far as the possibilities happening. According to Wikipedia The free encyclopedia updated (2009) states The English-Only movement refers to a political movement for the use only of
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