Of Mice and Men Compared to Macbeth Essay

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Oskar Dudkiewicz English Essay ;

I'm going to compare the 2 protagonists named Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare and Curleys wife from Of mice and men . The social and historical context is important to establish because it affects both characters . They share some similarities ; but they also have some big differences such as , Lady Macbeth loves her husband where as Curleys wife hates her husband because he treats her like a comodity .

Of mice and men is set in 1930s America after the Wall Street Crash which lead to the great depression . This caused mass unemployment and lots of people lost their jobs , they travelled to the countryside to find work on ranches . The Wall Street crash also forced many people into very severe poverty and refugee camps which meant lots of people were homeless who were travelling from a city to another city awaiting their vey own " American Dream " but the American dream was slowly but surely drifting away for nearly everyone especially the main characters George and Lennie .

Curley' wife often heads out into the boys barn " looking for Curley " and looking for fun . I beieve that the author John Steinback describes Curley's wife this way to show and explain to the reader how women were treated back at that time ( they had no rights ) but Steinback also wants people to feel a bit sorry for her .

Where as Shakespears Macbeth is set in the 11th century Medieval times scotland in a castle , a castle where the king of Scotland named Duncan lived along with the Macbeths . The witches tell Lady Macbeth " You are the thane of Glamis and Cowdor , and you are going to be the king just like you were promised " The witches also mention that they are not sure Lady Macbeth has what it takes . This tells me that Macbeth wants something yet it does not belong to him . The witches tell her that when she gets home they'll persuade her (
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