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In the tragic tale of Oedipus the King, Creon resonates through out the story as the voice of reason and comes out of this disastrous event as a wiser man. Creon is the brother of Queen Jocasta and a loyalist to the city of Thebes. Sophocles shows ancient Greek’s sense of nationalism and patriotism through this character. In proving his loyalties to the state he says, “I hate anarchy and never would deal with any man who likes it.” Creon is completely dedicated to Thebes and his king. He is a rational and logical man. These aspects of his character bleed through when he has a verbal and public argument with Oedipus. Oedipus blames him for attempting to usurp his thrown as King of Thebes. To this Creon only replies, "A man of sense was never yet a traitor, I have no taste for that, nor could I force Myself to aid another's treachery." This response shows the integrity of Creon’s character and only proves that he wouldn’t dare conspire against Oedipus. Creon explains that he already lives as a King and does his rightful duties as a family member of royalty. Creon exclaims, “Would any sane man prefer power, with all a King’s anxieties, to that same power and the grace of sleep?…How could I desire a scepter more than what is now mine?” This shows how Creon is the foil to Oedipus who is the protagonist. Creon's strong understanding of statehood and his ideals about a good leadership are shown throughout the second section. Creon is courageous in nature and a citizen of Thebes who doesn’t even hesitate to question the king's impulsiveness. He stands up for himself and argues even against the king when he believes Oedipus is wrong. He values his integrity of character and his loyalty above everything else. Lastly, other important aspect of Creon's personality is revealed in the last scene of the final episode. He forgives Oedipus, the man who has censured

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