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Leonardo Sanchez English 2 HP Ms. Gassaway December 2013 Biggest Backstabber Ever or Roman Hero? “Honor can be a man’s best present to a friend for honor is not what we find in most friends.” (Anonymous) The decision to stab a friend isn’t easy, like Brutus, in the play, he had to decide whether he was loyal to the Roman Republic or loyal to his friend, Julius Caesar. In William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, a conspirator, Brutus, is supposed to be Caesar’s friend but Brutus ends up stabbing his friend literally and figuratively, but Brutus says things throughout the play that shows he is honorable, loyal, and a stoic person. He says, "I love the name of honor more than I fear death" (I, ii, 88-89) to Cassius, which shows he is honorable. If Brutus wasn’t honorable, he wouldn’t have fallen into Cassius hands and join his side. Because Brutus is a man honor with no hidden motives, he trusts Cassius and cannot see behind his lies. Cassius writes phony letters to Brutus that make him believe the Roman people are begging for his help and since Brutus is an honorable person he agrees to help. Not only does this show he is an honorable man but he is gullible too. When he says, "…not that I loved Caesar less but I loved Rome more." (III, ii, 21-22) to the plebeians…show more content…
Cassius, an evil mastermind, used Brutus to kill his friend. Cassius hoped to get Brutus to rebel, and he succeeded his goal. Overall all, Brutus isn’t such a bad person. Was it Brutus’ intention to stab his friend Caesar; probably not. Brutus, an honorable person, was accused of being a bad person because of Cassius. Brutus really is honorable and loyal, but the bad thing was that he made himself look bad which was his fault for being so gullible. There's a reason Antony calls Brutus the "noblest Roman,” he stands up for what he believes in, risks his life for Rome, and doesn't seem to be concerned with personal

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