October Sky Essay

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October Sky Essay Summary: The movie October Sky is a heart moving story about Homer Hickam who was inspired to build a rocket and never gave up until his dreams became true. Homer Hickam was a teenage boy from a mining town in West Virginia called Coalwood. He inspired to build rockets when he seen the first artificial satellite, Sputnik, streak across the stars. With his friends and the local nerd, Homer sets out to do just that but with many errors and trials. Along with the town, Homer's father thought they were wasting their time with their rockets. He wanted Homer to be a coal miner just like everyone else but Homer knew he didn't belong there. As time went on, some people from town became interested in seeing the homemade missiles launch into the sky. The boys became popular and were known as the "Rocketboys" around town. When Homer and his friends fired one of the first rockets off and it crashed into one of the company buildings, Homer's dad said not to shoot anymore rockets on company property. The mining company owns all of Coalwood so they walked eight miles to Snakeroot where they can fire as many rockets as they wanted. They named it Coalwood Missile Agency. They built a fort to stand behind when they fired rockets and a launch pad. They walked there everyday and launched a different rocket and everyday the rockets improved. There were a couple people in town that helped them with welding the nozzles on and ordering the right kind of metal to take the heat. Miss Reilly, the science teacher, bought Homer a book on building rockets for his birthday. Quiten, the local nerd, and Homer mixed certain chemicals in science class to make a better gas to make a better and more powerful launch. With this new formula the rockets became more successful but they would blow up in the air but they never gave up. They fixed the rocket when they put solid gas made
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