Analysis of "Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk" (the Simpsons, S03E11)

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Analysis of „Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk“, The Simpsons, Season 3 Episode 11 In “Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk” Mr. Burns decides to sell his nuclear power plant to two Germans, who, after introducing several new measures, fire Homer. In the meantime Mr. Burns is trying to enjoy his free time, but soon discovers that he isn’t feared by anyone anymore. He decides to buy back his plant, offering half of what he sold it for, but the Germans still accept after finding out how much it would cost to bring the plant up to standards. In the end Homer even gets his job back. The Germans are first introduced at 5:28. Homer meets them at Moe’s bar and enthusiastically tells them that he just bought high-quality beer with the money he made by selling his stock. It had been going up because there were rumors that Mr. Burns wanted to sell his plant. The Germans are portrayed as very rich, they own big companies and they have a very neat appearance, namely suits despite the fact that they are in a bar. This shows that Germans are usually thought of as very organized and always appropriate in matters of clothing as well as business. At 08:01 Mr. Burns decides to meet with the Germans for dinner. They have typical German food, namely Sauerbraten and beer and Mr. Burns shows off his German, which is actually quite good. After he is shown the offer of $ 1,000,000, which is written in German Fraktur, he immediately accepts. The next scene shows the German flag being hissed at the plant and the manager proclaiming: “Ich bin ein Springfielder!” Obviously this is an allusion to John F. Kennedy’s famous “Ich bin ein Berliner”-Speech. At 09:16 the Germans start introducing new measurements to the workers at the plant. They want everything to work in an orderly fashion, their big issue being worker safety and happiness. For example, free treatments are given to alcoholics. What is

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