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Reflective Account (* please ensure you complete the Unit number and title this account is relevant to below) Unit Ref and title: HSC41 - additional written evidence. Your Name: Signature: Date: Assessor’s name: Signature: Date: All care service providers have their policies and procedures in place to meet National care standards for e.g. • Health and Social care act 2001 and 2008 • Mental capacity act 2005, • Disability discrimination act 1995 and 2005 • Equality act 2006 and so on. They also have code of practice and philosophies like my company Voyage • Humans rights act 1998 • Race relations act 2000 • Care standards act 2000 • Regulation of care act 2001 and many more... However, most of these regulations are grounded in the best possible outcomes for the service provider. In theory the procedure should result in good inter agency and partnership, working together to achieve the best safe possible outcome for all service users and employees. However, many times it can be seen that standard policy and procedure may clash and different situation may arise to meet individual’s needs. All policies and procedures are written in accordance with Voyage discrimination policy. All discriminatory communication will be challenged within our work place. Voyage also recognises equal opportunity policy, which outlines legal and organisational requirement to provide the same opportunities and benefits to staff members and service users to be treated equally regardless of their gender, age, sexual preference or religious belief and disabilities. Service user’s in our care lacks the ability of mental capacity to give consent of their preference of their care or treatment, in such cases multi-agency team and Voyage staff members must act in the service user’s best interest. All staff
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