Conflict Resolution Paper

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Conflict Resolution Paper Conflict Management By Bonnie Abrams Date January 19,2015 Course COM/100 INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNICATION Instructor JOSEPH LAFRICAIN Conflict Management Conflicts are present in most areas of every individual’s life. Sometimes conflicts can be good in helping the individual and the teams grow. Thus it is always important to ensure that any kind of conflict is expertly managed at every situation. Conflict management is the technique of managing and identifying the reasons of conflict in an effective manner. This approach helps in reducing the negative aspects of issues and focusing towards positive aspects. Conflict management helps in settling all the disagreements between various people (Pammer & Killian, 2003). Appropriate process helps the organization in managing the working environment and brings coordination between various activities. In a team environment the successful resolution of conflicts is critical to the future of, which communication is linked. Team members who do not participate in the success of the group must be encouraged to improve. The following will discuss some steps to conflict management and how certain behavior could have a negative effect on the team. First step is to understand the issue. In this step the manager has to understand the issues of both parties and summarize all the facts to ensure everyone is on the same page. Secondly clarify the objectives. This step involves identification of objectives that organization wants to achieve through
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