Nurses Attitudes About Illicit Drug Users

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Educational Assessment Portfolio
Sharon Collins
Dumont Technical Institute
Practical Nursing Program
NURS 243

The reason I have chosen the topic about “Nurse’s Attitudes towards Patients with a
History of Illicit Drug Use”, is because we as nurses have an ethical right to become advocates for our clients. We cannot have bias opinions when it comes to helping a mentally ill client dealing with a substance abuse. It is our moral ethical duty to advocate for the client dealing with substance abuse, and not to judge them. Nurses have a moral human duty to promote health and well-being to everyone, no matter what their health issues may be. Discrimination is attached to the mentally ill and because of this they are denied the same equalities that others in society have. The mentally ill are blamed for their own misfortunes by the bias opinions that others place on them through interaction and the negative portrayal displayed in the media. The nurse must be a voice for the mentally ill and strive for a better way in which the mentally ill are perceived and treated. I agreed with the author, in that the health care professional’s attitudes towards drug users does affect how they approach and provide care to these individuals. Patients with a history of illicit drug use are seen as having a higher risk for simultaneous chronic drug related diseases.” Negative attitudes towards patients with a history of illicit drug use can adversely affect the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship, resulting in suboptimal patient care”. (Chu 2013) I also agree with the author, that more education is need to help aide the nursing staff in ways to address their concerns in regards to dealing with a high-risk population.
If the nurses where more educated on the social determinants of the mentally ill patient, the nurses would be better able to support
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