Ntozak Shange The Power Of A Women Analysis

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Willie H. Gillus III Ms. Collins English 101.062 November 29, 2012 7 Women Living Negative Lives The empowerment of a women begins within herself, if that women loves herself; she has that authority to love anyone she chooses. The power of a women becomes even stronger when she finds herself and knows who she is; and doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise. The power of a women can make her strong enough to stand on her own two feet; and finally that women is independent. She will not be afraid to ask for help or help herself. The power of a women is stronger then the grip of a lions teeth when his prey is in his mouth. The power of a women is a power no man could live without, because without a women there can be no man. The power of a women is endless; so stand tall, and represent for all the women in the world. The Power of a Women by Tiffany Mitchell…show more content…
Shange is a American poet, play writer, and female activist. With her creative mind she created a master piece that made history and won numerous of awards. Also after writing this play Shange made lots of Magazines and such. Shange first copy of “For Colored Girls” was published 1975. The play, “For Colored Girls”, is a collaboration of 20 different poems. The seven characters introduced are African American women who face different painful obstacles. Three of the women in which I will discuss in my paper are Crystal, Jo, as well as Juanita just to name a few that are talked about. Although some say Shange negatively portrays black men, Shange provides a realistic picture of black women who face date rape, infidelity, and

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