Perceptions Of Women In Macbeth, And Phenomenal Woman

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Society's perceptions of women are shaped by the way that they are represented in a variety of texts. In order to gain a more balanced perspective of women, it is therefore necessary to examine and dissect more that one text. Some perceptions may overlap and find common ground within the different texts and other perceptions may glaringly contradict each other. Factors that may influence the perceptions of women being portrayed include societal beliefs within the era in which the text is set and the author's perspective and purpose within the text. Three texts that portray women in a different way are the film, Ever After, the play, MacBeth, and the poem, Phenomenal Woman. Ever After explores the role of women in 16th Century France. Andy Tennant, who directs this film, gives a balanced portrayal of women through the key characters within the film. The wicked stepsister…show more content…
In this instance, his implication is that no women could naturally be so persuasive, powerful or dangerous. In fact, in order to defy society's perception of women in this time, he had to make them supernatural beings- witches to be precise. Phenomenal Woman, depicts woman as strong with a beauty that defies normal expectations and boundaries. This poem was written by Maya Angelou in the mid 20th Century. Maya's portrayal of women within this text has been shaped by her own experiences in life. Maya Angelou is a black waman living in a white patriarchal society. She has defied all odds and broken all restraints placed upon a woman of her background. Her poem demonstates the strength of woman. In particular, the ability of woman to overcome adversity. She shows woman as being capable of rising above society's expectations that beauty is only skin deep. "Now you understand, just why my heads not
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