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Edna St. Vincent Millay was born in Rockland, Maine on February 22, 1892. Her parents got a divorce in the 1900s when Edna was eight years old. Her father was a teacher and had a gambling problem. Edna lived with her mom and her sisters; Norma, and Kathleen live in a bad area. Her mom was a nurse trying to help the family. Edna’s mother encouraged her kids to be independent and appreciate books and music. When Edna was in high school, she was interested in theater. She performed many plays and even wrote a Halloween play that her classmates performed. When she was 20 she entered a poem called “Renascence” in a contest in which 100 poems were picked to be published. Her poem won fourth place. The poem Renascence really started her literary career (Poetry.org).…show more content…
By the time Edna was five years old her mother taught her how to write poetry. Edna published her first poem which was, “Forest Trees” which appeared in a magazine called St. Nicholas, an illustrated children's magazine, at the age of fourteen. Edna got a full scholarship to an all girl’s college called Vassar. While Edna was attending Vassar she was still writing dramatic poetry. Edna won an award for her book called The Harp-Weaver; the award was called Pulitzer Prize. Edna first major book of poetry was published in 1971 called Renascence. Then “A Few Figs from Thistle” was published in 1922 and got some people attention as well as controversy with its feminist learning (Modern American

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