Nt2580 Unit 6 Lab 1 Security Management

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NETW420 Enterprise Network Management Week 5 Lab Title: Security Management Objectives TCO 6 Lab Objective 3: Security Introduction Security Management is one of the five Network Management Categories (FCAPS) defined by the International Standards Organization (ISO). The purpose of security management is to monitor and control access to network resources according to policies and guidelines that have been adopted so as not to allow unauthorized access to sensitive information. In addition, Security Management needs to ensure that the network cannot be sabotaged or interfered with regardless of whether that sabotage or interference is intentional or unintentional. Methodology In this lab, you will build a network that spans across…show more content…
To view the results of the Open_Network simulation, click on the View Results tab over the toolbar. This displays the Results Browser. 2. Use the dropdown arrow to change the As Is in the bottom of the lower right-hand side of the screen to average. This lets us look at the average values for all of our results. 3. Expand Object Statistics > Network > Hacker >Client DB Query>Traffic Received (bytes/sec). 4. Click Show and you should see the following graph. Note that it may not match exactly due to node placement, but it should be pretty close. 5. This graph tells us that the Hacker is retrieving data from the Database Server at an average rate of about 40 bytes per second. We will have to take security management action to prevent this from happening. 6. Close this panel by clicking on the Close X in the upper right-hand corner. You will always get a message asking you if you want to Hide/Delete/Cancel it. Just click Delete because we can always bring the graph up again later. Save your project. You can expand and review other graphs at this point if you desire. You will find that the VO Engineer can access both the web server and the Database Server, and that the Online Shopper can access the web

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