Quantitative Data Analysis Assignment

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RSCH202 – Quantitative Data Analysis Assignment In this assignment, you will be required to download data and then use techniques from descriptive and inferential statistics to analyze that data. The following sets the scenario for the data set that you will download. StatCrunch U is a fictitious university made up of 46,000 students (the population). Each student completed the survey shown here: That gives us a data base with that information for all 46,000 students. For this assignment, you will first select a sample of 200 students from this population and then analyze the data from the sample to draw conclusions about the entire population of StatCrunch U students. The following instructions tell you how to select your sample. Log in to StatCrunch.com and click on Resources at the top of the page, then on StatCrunch U on the left side. You should see the following paragraph. Click on the StatCrunchU link in the paragraph above. In the next screen, scroll down until you see the following, set the sample size to 200, and click Survey. Your sample with the survey data should then show on the StatCrunch screen as shown below. If you don’t see the file, click MyStatCrunch, then My Preferences, then make sure classic StatCrunch is chosen. After that, try doing the survey. Be sure to click on Data>Save data and save the file to your My Data folder. You should see a menu like the one below where you can give the file a name. Click on Save and you should get confirmation that the file was saved. Next go to your StatCrunch My Data folder and find the file so that you can work with it to answer the following questions. Each question is worth 10 points. 1. Copy and paste the first 15 rows from your StatCrunch data file below. You can do that by highlighting the data in StatCrunch, then clicking on Edit>Copy. Next return to this

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