Sdcos04 Ass 02

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| SDCOS04 | Assignment 02 | | Question 1 a. A teaching strategy is a plan of the teaching and learning activities that will lead to the achieving of learning outcomes. Appropriate for IT teaching are cooperative learning, problem-based instruction, discovery learning and simulation. b. While both cooperative and collaborative learning strategies involve group learning, they are different from each other. In cooperative learning the educator plays a managerial role, managing tasks such as assigning group members, deciding on outcomes and timeframes. In collaborative learning the learners manage themselves. The assumption is that they have the necessary social skills to make decisions and meet outcomes for themselves. c. Group work is important in the IT classroom because learners relate to their peers and, as such, can more easily understand terms explained in their “own language”. Learners bounce ideas off each other and reach conclusions and working solutions through experience and experimentation, which can be retained better than the information presented by an educator alone. Learners can also encourage each other to achieve learning outcomes. Learners bring their individual perspectives, experience and skills to bear on the learning experience. Question 2 a. Content analysis:- Use a web browser and search engine for internet research; report results; present results; describe changes in the workplace; use activity sheets; work effectively in a group. b. Lesson outcomes are the skills, knowledge, values and/or attitudes the learner should have and be able to demonstrate when the lesson is over. c. Using a taxonomy or classification system allows educators to balance lower and higher order outcomes in the lesson plan. d. The learner should be able to: * access the World Wide Web using search engines to retrieve
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