Nt 1110 Unit 7 Questions 1

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Unit 7 Questions 1-4 1. Explain BOIS, and POST, and derived processes? BOIS are basic input/output system of your computer; the BIOS make sure all the other chips, hard drives, ports and CPU function together. Power On Self Test." POST (or P.O.S.T.) is a series of system checks run by computers, as well as, on other electronic devices when they are powered up. 2. What are the roles of BIOS and the POST procedures? BIOS load the operating system into the computer’s memory and finishes up the boot-up process. The BIOS manages the hard drive but it cannot stay there. BIOS actually stay on the Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. So it goes…computer powers up, accesses the EPROM and gives complete control to the BIOS. The POST scan checks the hardware and makes sure the processor, RAM, and all other storage devices are all functioning correctly. If an error is found during the POST Procedure, then the startup process may pause or stop. An error may be show on the screen. For computer PCs, these POST errors are mostly shown on the BIOS information screen. 3. What activities are performed while booting the operating system? The CPU accesses the BIOS even before the operating system is loaded. The BIOS then checks all your hardware connections and locates all your devices. If everything is OK, the BIOS load the operating system into the computer's memory and finish the boot-up process. 4. How do the POST beep codes make troubleshooting a startup problem easier? A PC will make beep sounds when a problem is encountered. Each PC manufactor uses their own beep codes making it must easier to address the

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