Normal Tension Glaucoma

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Normal Tension Glaucoma Normal tension glaucoma is an unusual condition where the optic nerve is damaged and vision is permanently impaired. What sets normal tension glaucoma apart from most other glaucoma cases is the missing elevated eye pressure level. Causes of Normal Tension Glaucoma: Medical professionals are not entirely sure of the exact cause of normal tension glaucoma. However, some believe it is caused by an especially delicate optic nerve, damanged despite normal pressure in the eye. This can be an inherited trait. It is also believed normal tension glaucoma can be caused by low blood flow to the optic nerve. Symptoms of Normal Tension Glaucoma: People with normal tension glaucoma do not have any symptoms early on. By the time they notice vision loss, much optic nerve damage has already occured. The damage is irreparable and the loss of vision cannot be undone. It is important to get regular check-ups with an opthamologist for early detection of normal tension glaucoma. Normal Tension Glaucoma Treatment: Most opthamologists prescribe eye drops to help in lowering optic nerve pressure. This reduces the risk of any further damage to the optic nerve, keeping vision loss to a minimum. Sometimes surgery is recommended if medications fail to reduce the eye pressure. The first surgical option generally attempted is called trabeculoplasty. Its goal is the allow fluids to flow more easily out of the eye, thus lowering the pressure. A successful trabeculoplasty is effective for 3-5 years. The laser procedure is painless and generally takes under half an hour. In more severe cases of glaucoma, the opthamologist may attempt a trabeculectomy. This procedure creates an alternate passageway for the fluids in the eye, further lowering eye pressure. Another very effective method is treating glaucoma naturally, using eye targeted exercises and learning how to

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