Uncomplicated Head Injury Essay

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Treating Uncomplicated Neck injury: Cervical sprain/ strain. Transient (uncomplicated) cervical injuries are most often associated with minimal- to moderate-severity vehicle crashes, and typically do not involve neurologic symptoms. These injuries most often resolve spontaneously or with a minimum of conservative therapy (physical modalities, manipulation, exercise, and NSAIDs), typically within 3 months. Restoration of normal motion to the spine is of great importance, and to this end cervical collars are largely counterproductive and typically contraindicated, as is bed rest. Manipulation has demonstrated benefit for cervical injuries, and exercise to tolerance is important for supportive therapy. Chiropractic manipulation and referral for physical therapy should…show more content…
Short-term opioid analgesics may be helpful for patients with moderate to high intensity pain, although x-ray study including flexion/extension views should be performed, to rule out ligament injury or fracture, prior to starting any treatment in these patients. In patients with headache but no neurologic symptoms, persistent headache can be associated with a closed head injury, irritation of the greater occipital nerve, cervical facet injury (C2-4 most typically), or cervical muscle tension. A positive response to physical therapy or manipulation would be expected in most cases with a musculoskeletal origin, whereas if the symptoms are associated with a closed head injury, a positive response would not be expected and the patient should be further evaluated. Patients with symptoms of closed head injury should be monitored for difficulty with activities of daily living, work activities, and relationships. If complaints persist for more than 2 months, patients should be referred for neuropsychological evaluation. A head strike or loss of consciousness is not required for a diagnosis of a closed head injury or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).

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