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Epilepsy In this report I plan to give a general overview of what epilepsy is. I will try to give examples and types of seizures, treatments, and in general some insight into the whole subject matter. Many people regard epileptic seizures as a disease while, in fact, they are not. A disease rather is more an illness, which tends to imply sickness and being in poor health. Since epilepsy certainly is not that I don t think it has any reference or relativity to the term disease . Since there really is no proper term for epilepsy I find it best to look at it as more a disorder or symptom. A symptom is an event that is just one of the few ways the brain has to reacting to this sudden and unexpected internal process. This continuation of just such a reaction…show more content…
Regardless of how long it goes on status epilepticus can always be potentially damaging. Status epilepticus can cause brain damage, severe retardation, and sometimes even death. Status epilepticus can be brought about just like the average seizure regardless of type or by an infection of the brain, such as meningitis or encephalitis. The most common cause is an extremely low or sudden drop in the amount of medication in blood level. Thankfully most of the time this can be stopped successfully with a person experiencing no permanent damage. As with many medical emergencies there is some general first aid that should be followed by somebody witnessing a seizure. Despite the common myth a person will not swallow his or her tongue. Therefore it is not necessary to put any objects in a persons mouth before, during, or after a seizure. By doing so you could cause the person having a seizure to break/crack teeth, bite themselves or you, or dislocate their own jaw. The worst that could probably happen is if when a person began to regain consciousness they choked or suffocated on an object put in their

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