Night by Ellie

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What changed elie from the devout believer he was at the start of the text to the spiritually empty person he becomes 600 - 700 The novel night written by Elie Wissel expresses how horrific circumstances and maturity can play a role in ones opinions on religion. It speaks of how Elie whom at the start of the novel was a devout believe develops into a spiritually empty person. Through extreme conditions his opinions on his god change and as he matures his feelings and the way he thought about his god change. He doesn’t however rid god of his life and unknowingly still turns to him. Brutal and horrific sites of babies being used as shooting targets and hangings of fellow Jews lead Ellie on his path of believing his God was not stronger nor more powerful than man. "For the first time, I felt revolt rise up in me. Why should I bless His name" It expressed Ellie beginning to question a man who once was his reason for being. Ellie’s reasons in believing continued to be shot down as he was forced to witness the hanging of an innocent child. "Where is he? He is hanging here on the gallows" It’s this horrendous moment in which his perceptions of his God change, someone whom was once grater than man kind and all things was now simply no better than man for if he were he wouldn’t be allowing these terrifyingly sad things to happen. Wisell unknowingly signifies the diminishing of his faith through pipel. Pipel’s painful and slow death is much the same as his perception of God in which die with him. After this Ellie doesn’t show any gratitude or respect to his god, this is clearly evident in Yom Kippur. This however places a void within Ellies heart. It’s this void that he struggles with throughout the novel and makes him feel rather “empty” and “alone”. It’s through this we see he can’t really come to terms with excluding God from his life. With this parts of his
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