Nellie Mcclung Essay

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Nellie McClung, known as an important leader in Canada’s first wave of feminism, lived an influential life with bold statements as a political activist. Of the two articles and resourceful websites examined we are given an insight into whom Nellie McClung was, and the views taken on her political activism. In the following essay I will establish comparisons of how Nellie McClung is regarded in the documents read, who Nellie McClung is and how the authors exemplify her valiant endeavours as a 20th century Canadian feminist. To begin with, an illustration of Nellie McClung is needed to help further along and explain how the authors of the four scripts read portrayed McClung in their articles. McClung was a representative of Canadian women, a mother, wife, an author, one who involved herself in many volunteer activities and worked hard toward female equality in the political stream. From one of the readings ‘Ever a Crusader’ by Veronica Strong-Boag she states: “Nellie McClung was an activist: a prominent crusader in the successful drives for female enfranchisement in Manitoba and Alberta, a nationally known feminist and social reformer, an MLA in Alberta.” Strong-Baog names her article ‘Ever a Crusader’: Nellie McClung, First-Wave Feminist, stating McClung’s vigorous campaigns within politics on her forays for equal rights in Western Canada. She fought for women’s right to vote and joined many human rights organizations, standing up for what she believed in. McClung was not only known as a political activist but also as a talented and famous Canadian author writing “sixteen books and numerous articles” (Strong-Boag, 1997). Nellie McClung wrote on various “topics ranging from marriage, suffrage, war, balancing a career and family, and women’s role in the church” (Heritage Community Fondation). From each passage read, you are able to grasp the idea of Nellie’s leadership
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