Navajo Cultural Anthropology

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The Navajos ANT101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Instructor: Kathryn Johnson October 1, 2012 The Navajos are the largest Indian tribe in North America. Some anthropologists have stated that there are huge gaps in time in this culture. I also have read that they have not changed a whole lot over time. I beg to differ. This culture had to adapt or their culture would be dying off by now. Just like most of the other Indian tribes have. This shows that the Navajo Indians adapt very well to be a growing culture in today’s society. So what are the reasons why this culture has survived so efficiently and no other Indian tribes? The Navajo Indians primary source of subsistence is farming. They are pastoralists. They are very good…show more content…
are inherited through women. They also have a strong preference for a matrilocal living arrangement where husbands would move in to live with their wives’ families (which would sometimes include the extended families as well). If you are a Navajo Indian kinship and social organizations flows into one. You will find kinship anywhere anytime depending on who you have married. Who you married is a big deal in the social organization part of this tribe. Their primary source of substisence plays a huge role in farming and kinship because it all goes back to who owns what and what portions go where. As a part of the kinship the land, the farming, the herding of animals this is what distinguishes this the stations, obligation and rights. When trying to trace the descent of kinship you have to follow the mothers line. Anthropologists have tried the mens line but have been unsuccessful so far. The Navajos also are really big on collectivism. It is a big part of their culture. Within the Navajo cultural Ecology, blood kin and clan membership are a focal point of their sense of collectivism that provides a solid platform for an interdependent family network (LaFromboise, HeyleOzer,…show more content…
I think that they used to believe that women were no good as the leaders because they get off track and become to lax. Therefore they thought men should lead the way since they believed this was the matter of surviving or not. There has not been a women president of the navajo yet but they are in the governmental statuses. They have power and are in control of leading their tribe and bettering it. They have come along way just as America

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