The San Tribe

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Bushmen also known as the San of the Kalahari Desert are one of the best known foraging (hunting and gathering) communities in the modern world. They have lived in this region for thousands of years. Both the men and the women work hard to make their community balanced. Kinship is one of the main principles of social organizations in the San societies. After you read this paper you will be able to identify the kinship system of the San tribe and how it helps them survive. Also, you will be able to identify how the kinship system creates their behaviors. A nuclear family is the most common type of kin when it comes to the San tribe. A nuclear family is the basic mother, father, and their children. Bands are multifamily grouping who live in the same area bands are known to have extended family members. Even though in bands, a nuclear family still exists. In bands of a larger size they cooperate with each other to make workloads easier. (Nowak & Laird) The men and the women work together to make their survival easier in their community. The women are responsible for contributing eighty percent of their diet. They are known as the gatherers. They gather nuts, fruit, melons, and berries. The San men are the hunters and are responsible for twenty percent of their diet in form of meat. (Nowak, B. & Laird, L.) The San only search for food two or three days a week. They gather and hunt enough to feed their families for a full week. The men help the women by telling them if they spot fruit or berries while their hunting and women will tell the men if they spot an animal while their gathering. The San tribe has much time for leisure. They spend this time doing different things such as visiting and socializing with each other. The San tribe does not like to be tied down with extras such as berries and meat. Because of this, their

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