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National Air Express 1. Is the productivity measure of shipment per day per truck still useful? Are there alternatives that might be effective? Yes the productivity measure of shipments per day per truck is still useful because it allows Smith to monitor the output of the packages to each truck, each day. This method allows him to see what drivers are being more productive and which route is has the most packages which effective in seeing if things have to be changed. 2. What if anything can be done to reduce the daily variability in pickup call ins? Can the driver be expected to be at several locations at once at 5:00pm? Customers should be limited in their pickup times or be charged a fee if they want a package picked up outside of the offered times. Having this system would allow pickup time to become more realistic and reduce the amount of customers demanding a pickup at 5:00. Drivers should not be expected to be a several locations at once in order to improve customer service and employee satisfaction National Air Express should offer a discount. This discount will be given to companies willing to have packages delivered before or after 5pm. These discounts could include a free pickup after a certain number of times, a percentage off or a pickup outside of the available time with out the extra charge. 3. How should package pick up performance be measured? Are standards useful in a environment that is affected by the weather, traffic, and other random variables? Are other companies having similar problems? Package pickup performance could be measured by performance evaluations of the drivers and questionnaires for the employee on his experience delivering the package. Yes standards are useful because they only increase the customer’s positive view on the company knowing that they will have their product delivered promptly and expect the same

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