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Our Space Journey Our Space Journey Edith Arroyo, Sean Brock, Yesenia Canales, Ulises A. Lopez, & Veronica Valenzuela Speech 1311-M10 Mrs. Moore Laredo Community College April 25, 2014 Our Space Journey Our Space Journey As a spaceship crew of five people, we had to help each other to reach a scheduled rendezvous with a mother ship, on the lighted surface of the moon, and we were two hundred miles from the mother ship. Inside the crashed ship, most of the equipment was damaged and just fifteen items were left intact and undamaged. We had to reach our destination alive and decide what items were most important and what items weren’t. The specific problem that the group was concerned about was the ranking of importance to least importance of each of the fifteen items, as well everyone’s time scheduling. Since we had a two hundred mile voyage, we were trying to define what was essential for sustaining life in outer space. First we all had to come to an agreement on when and where we could meet. That was difficult at first, but then we were understanding of everyone else’s school and work schedule, we were able to compromise in meeting on certain days for a certain amounts of time. We individually ranked each item, from most important to least important. Once that was completed, we shared our opinions with each other so that we could reach an agreement. We individually proposed what items would definitely be of high importance to us, then as a group reached to a unanimous agreement with each item. There were of course several disagreements, and when that occurred, we simply asked each person to explain why that item was of more importance than another. We would incline to whoever had more of a reasonable explanation. The terms that needed to be defined or researched were the magnetic compass- we weren’t completely sure if it would actually work in outer space.

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