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Ast 103 Amber Titus Shrinking Moon Lab The moon along with the rest of Earth’s atmosphere has such a major impact of human’s lives. Space has provided natural entertainment of shooting stars, planets, comets, stars, and meteorites. The one space object that has stuck out to me and I am sure others is, the moon. The moon places a huge role in everyday life because we see it rise, set change phases, change colors, etc. With all this change people are constantly questioning certain things about the moon and its origins. Why does the moon seem to change in size at times? Or how is that even possible for the moon to change in size from where we are standing here on earth. When creating my own personal hypothesis the question of why does the…show more content…
To completely view the moon’s pattern I will observe it during its zenith. To complete this observation I will use a variety of instruments to compare the different sizes of the moon I will get. The most critical instrument during this scientifical experiment is the basic cardboard paper towel cylinder. The cylinder provides the measurement that will display the estimate of the moon’s size by measuring in one-eighth inch in diameter. I will also have a ruler on hand to give me the measurements of the observations. These instruments will give me the opportunity to make a rough yet educated guess on the possible outcomes of my…show more content…
I did the scientific experiment where I look through the paper towel cylinder and gathered the size of the moon. The moon’s circumference came out to be the same again at 6.83 centimeters. I repeated the same step of measuring the moon with my ruler which provided its circumference. There was a small difference but, this was suspected due to the reality of human error. The circumference came out to be 7.66 which was too extremely off of my previous findings. I feel that this moon has this ability for small amounts of change because of horizon landscapes and objects. Where you take these observations will add variety to numbers too if you aren’t located in the same location. This lead to my hypothesis having some basis behind it because the illusion has to do with the earth and its landscape providing the illusion. The illusion is based off of the moon’s size and the objects and landscapes connected with it. When away from objects the moon then has even more of an illusion to you than normal because it has a problem with consistency of

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