Narrative Essay On Police Shootings

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On a Saturday evening brad and Phil were doing their regular of just sitting in their cop car and patrolling the streets. Brad and Phil was not your everyday policeman they were crooked policeman. They were both in cahoots with a giant mob about drug dealing. Later that evening when Brad and Phil were still driving around patrolling the streets in their undercover car Brad suggested, “Hey Phil why don’t we stop by at this club and grab us a couple of drinks?” “Sure why not, we’ve been out here on these streets all day and we haven’t seen the tiniest piece of action, I think that we both deserve a little break,” Phil agreed. The two men casually walked into the club and they had on street clothes since they were undercover, but they did…show more content…
They are not too sure what to do but they run in and shoot their guns up in the air. About half of the people freeze but the others continue with the violence. Five minutes later two more squad cars appear at the scene and do the same thing running in and shooting their guns in the air. At this point everyone dropped their guns and either froze or ran away. Everyone dropped their guns except brad and Phil who had pulled out their guns. Their backs were to the cops and the cops saw Phil’s badge but they did not see Brad’s badge due to him never finding it after the scuffle. One was scared cause Brad was pointing his gun all over the place at the mob members running away. This police officer shot at Brad and hit him in the leg. Brad went rolling on the ground and started shouting, “I’m a cop! I’m a cop!” This happened to be a very tragic event that occurred all in the matters of one night. Sure Brad and Phil and them being in a mob had nothing to do with this incident, but sometimes things don’t always go good if you cause bad. Brad had got shot in the leg by a fellow officer and this shot turned out to be a very fatal and shot and Brad had died. Brad had died at a young age leaving his family

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