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Adrian Crump Hello, my name is Tom Tucker and I am reporting to you the tragedy of a homicide right here in Jacksonville, Florida. On February 1st 1992, Adrian Crump was awoken at two in the morning by the sound what appeared to be a gunshot. He left bed to see what had happened and saw his front window with a hole that looked like it had come from being struck by a bullet. Allegedly, Mr. Krump then heard sounds of people in a car and thought that someone was coming back. At that point, Adrian got his .38 caliber revolver, got in his car, and drove down the street. What followed left a 16-year-old dead. The night before this incident occurred, Danny Adams decided that he and his friends would go joyriding again in Danny’s mother’s car. He took his mother’s keys, and waited until it was early in the morning. At 2 am they went on a joyride, and like they had done in the past, use slingshots to shoot rocks at houses. One of the houses they hit was Adrian Crump’s. They continued down the street, stopped to shoot another house, and it was at that point that Adrian Crump confronted them. From that moment on, the witness accounts began to vary. Mr. Crump allegedly got out of his car, and not seeing the faces of who was in the other car, began to tell the teenagers to leave. Allegedly, he saw the driver’s hands go from the wheel, down to his pants, and it was at this time that the gun discharged. However, Danny’s friends say that his hands never left the wheel. Sadly, Danny Adams died from the gunshot wound. Adrian Krump was charged with manslaughter, facing up to 17 years in prison. Danny’s parents tried to portray him as a sweet kid who loved sports. However, Danny had been in trouble several times before: he had been suspended from school, had shot with slingshots at houses before, and helped burglarize a house. At this point, the next thing was for the jurors to
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