Why Are We so Angry

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Pretam Malo Miss Lorrie DiBona Jones English 101 February 11, 1014 Why Are We So Angry In the essay “why are we so angry”, Dannie Hales talks about the phenomenon that more and more Americans are feeling pushed to the breaking point, so she gives several suggestions which could help you calm down from the anger. First of all, she talks about the incident which happened to Jerry Sola when he was in his evening commute through the Chicago suburbs two year ago. At that time, a driver in front of a fifty-year-old salesman suddenly slammed the brakes. Sola got so incensed that he gunned his engine to cut in front of the man. When they both stopped at a red light, Sola grabbed a golf club and got out. When he was about to smash the man’s windshield or do him some damage, he realized that the consequence after he did it: what if he killed a man, he went to jail and he destroyed two families because of that moment. So he went back into his car and drove away. From this incident her suggestion to us is that no one seems immune to the anger epidemic. Women fly off the handle just as often as men and young people may seem more volatile, even senior citizens have erupted into “line rage” and pushed ahead of others simply because they felt they had “waited long enough” in their lives. Second, she tells us about the incidents about St. Louis. When he faced the trouble that his lawn mower wouldn’t start, he smashed it against the patio and tore off each of its wheels. While playing golf, he sometimes became so enraged that he threw his clubs 50 feet up the fairway and into the trees and had to get someone to retrieve them. In the end; he learned that such outburst accomplished nothing. “Venting” may make you feel better---but only for a moment”. How do you

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