Nancy Mairs Honesty

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Some people say honesty is the best policy. From the very first sin that Adam and eve made, god created ten rules to restore mankind. The ten rules that god have giving to the people of Israel were called the ten commandment .The ten commandments were thou shall have no other god before, thou shall not make yourself any carved image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, thou shall not take the lord name in vain, thou shall remember the Sabbath day, thou shall honor thy mother and thy father, thou shall not murder, thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not steal, thou shall not lie, and thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house. The most important is thou shall not lie. Thou shall not lie go hand in hand with freedom of…show more content…
Being honest about ones problem can help with another person misery. Teens and adult tend to feel embarrassed about any medical condition and for that they lean towards lying about how they feel but not Nancy Mair. Nancy Mair, author of “On Being a Cripple,” talked about her experience with having MS and her true feelings about her disabilty. In her essay she points out the pros and cons of the problems that she goes through and how the disease can change some people actions in their everyday life. Mairs even goes as far to say that, “Because I hate being crippled, I sometimes hate myself for being a cripple. Over the years I have come to expect--even accept--attacks of violent self-loathing”(337). I feel as though that Mairs venting is good because some people claim in order to be honest with another individual, you first have to be honest with yourself and Mairs shows that. If Mair is honest with herself she can guide another person with being honest about their feelings. For example my grandmother has diabetes and she sometimes lies about how she feel. My grandmother lie and says that she is ok with being a diabetic and that she does not feel no pain when her sugar goes up. My grandmother later went into a stroke because she was so stress and she really did not like being a diabetic because she sometimes misses the desserts she use to eat. When a person does not tell the truth that means that they are holding in their true emotions, which can cause stress and can kill people but if they are honest about their situation and vent it can help decrease high blood pressure which has a high death
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