Mystic Monk Coffee Case Analysis

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University of The Fraser Valley, India BUS-403, Fall 2015 Case # 2: Mystic Monk Coffee Group No # 1 | Simranjot Singh | 200123943 | | Arjun Singla | 200124057 | | Ishit Singh Gujral | 200115220 | | Jasmine Kaur Mann | 200123925 | | Submitted To: Prof.Mushtaq Ahmed Date Due: September 26, 2015 Date Submitted: September 26, 2015 Table of Contents Executive Summary | 3 | Problem Statement | 4 | Strategic Analysis | 8 | Question/Answers | 10 | Secondary Research/ Company Update | 13 | Bibliography/References | 16 | Executive Summary As the Prior of the Carmelite Order of monks in Clark, Father Daniel Mary has established a future direction for the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming. He has a clear vision that he wants to expand the monastery by buying a 500-acre ranch, which can enable to build a Gothic church, a convent for Carmelite nuns, a retreat center for lay visitors, and a hermitage including 30 monks. Father Daniel Mary cannot make the vision come true unless he can collect enough money to pay for the $8.9 million listing price of that ranch. In this circumstance, the vision for Mystic Monk Coffee (MMC) is to sell more coffee to fund the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming. Therefore, the mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming is to develop an action plan that would enable MMC to minimize the effect of its cloistered monastic constraints, maximize the potential of monastic opportunities, and realize Father Daniel Mary’s vision of buying that ranch. In order to obtain more market share and increase the profit of MMC, Father Daniel Mary should cooperate with local groceries and other Carmelite churches to distribute its coffee packages offline and use social media to

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