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Summer 2011: MyITLab Instructions You will need to register yourself into the program using these instructions. Each individual student must purchase their own copy of MyITLab. You must follow these instructions and enter your student ID number correctly to receive credit for your assignments. If you do not, assignments will be considered to be late and you will not receive credit for them. You may not share a copy with another student and should not purchase a used copy. MyITLab assignments must be completed and submitted by the date / time due or they will be considered to be late and you will not receive credit for them. If you fail to follow these instructions, you are responsible for any problems that arise. Examples:…show more content…
Be careful when you enter it! Section 01: CRSABM8-628567 FIRST TIME USERS 1. Using a PC and Internet Explorer (MyITLab will not work with Firefox or on a Macintosh), go to 2. Select Students under "First Time User". Figure 1: MyITLab login page ( 3. Agree to the License Agreement. Figure 2: MyITLab License Agreement 4. Select "No" under “Do you have a Pearson Account”? If you already have an account it may still be operational. Figure 3: MyITLab "Access Information" 5. The screen will expand and you need to enter: a. Your Login Name (see first page) b. Your Password (see first page) c. Your Access Code that came with your package then “Next”. Figure 4: MyITLab "Steps to Register" 6. Enter your school information then select “Next”. The zip code for San Francisco State University is 94132. You must enter your correct first and last name into the program. Figure 5: MyITLab "Steps to Register" continued 7. Then select “Log In

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