My Thoughts On Medical Law And Ethics

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My Thoughts on Medical Law and Ethics The Medical Law and Ethics course has taught me things pertaining to the healthcare field that I will keep with me forever. This course has taught me how to understand and react to legal and moral issues within the healthcare profession. One statement that I learned that should stick with all healthcare workers is that it is our duty to protect all patients from any harm and it is a must that we provide excellent patient care. By taking this course I’ve also learned that I will be faced with many dilemmas on a day to day basis, and I now have the knowledge to execute the situations at hand. There are so many things that the Medical Law and Ethics course has covered that pertains to the healthcare field. This includes situations that have to do with patients, healthcare workers, laws & procedures, and patient confidentiality, which I will now tell about briefly. The Medical Law and Ethics course has covered many situations pertaining to the relationships between healthcare workers and patients. Healthcare workers must make sure that a patient understands any procedures that they may be given, and they must have the patient’s consent to give the procedure. If the consent is not given by a patient the practice, physician, or the healthcare worker can be held liable in a lawsuit. It is also important to show empathy and compassion to a patient to make them feel that they are welcomed. A healthcare worker should also know when to draw the line with a patient to avoid any kind of harassment issues or to make the patient feel uncomfortable. In any healthcare facility a patient’s need for care should be the main priority, and the healthcare worker should make sure that the priority is met. It has also been shown in the Medical Law and Ethics course that it is a must that all healthcare workers know and understand the legal
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