My Son the Fanatic Essay

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My Son the Fanatic The short story “My son the Fanatic” is written by Hanif Kureishi in 1997. It is about a man called Parvez, and his problems with his son Ali. The story is told in third person narrative way from Parvez’ point of view with an omniscient narrator. Parvez is a London taxi driver and has been for 20 years. He grew up in Pakistan, but moved to Britain later on. He has integrated to the English society to the point of assimilation (p.193 ll. 29-30 + p. 193 ll. 35-38) His closest friend is a prostitute named Bettina, who he also has a relationship with. In the beginning of the story Parvez is worried and confused. His son Ali has started changing, and he can’t figure out what is the cause of his behaviour. He feels a distance between himself and Ali and it saddens and frustrates him, because he feels that before, they were more than just father and son (p. 194 ll.14-15). He confides in his co-workers/colleagues, and they suggest that the problem is drugs, which Parvez acknowledges and accepts without further thought, which shows he no longer knows his son and what he is capable of. Parvez soon realises though, that Ali isn’t doing drugs, but that he has started praying. This surprises him. Parvez has since his childhood, where he had to learn the Koran, avoided all religions whatsoever. Therefore Parvez isn’t religious and does not like religion. Even so Parvez tries and wants to understand, what has driven Ali to his new devotion, but he is met with judgment, disgust and censure from Ali. Ali has become very religious and he condemns his father and does not condone his English easy-going lifestyle, where he drinks, eats pork and doesn’t pray. Those things are good examples as to why Ali changes and becomes religious, because what Ali discovers is a revelation regarding the world and his purpose in life. He is sick of and disgusted with all

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