Descriptive Essay About My Hood

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My Hood (pg. 83 #3) The best way I can describe my neighborhood is to say it’s quiet. I say this because it is tucked far behind other neighborhoods so it’s a ways away from any busy streets or shopping centers. It’s so far back, that the only thing behind it is a large field. If anyone else walked through my neighborhood, they probably would only notice the cookie cutter houses or the strange and inconvenient setup of the streets, but to me, since I’ve lived there since I was two, I notice much more. When I close the front door to take a walk around my neighborhood I first notice my neighbors. Many of the same people have lived around me for years, and I have stories and memories about almost all of them.…show more content…
Its change like this that makes me want to reminisce on all of the people who have lived just yards away from me for so long. I keep walking, trying to think of every family as I pass their house. After not knowing a few, I get to a house I know very well. The family that lives there has more children than I can count on one hand, the oldest of which I went to elementary school with. Seeing their untidy yard makes me laugh because it reflects how they were as a family. I decide to cross the street. The house on the other side of the street also brings up memories from my childhood; it used to be my best friends. The first real sadness in my life was when they moved suddenly to Seattle. I find myself still feeling sad, even all these years later, so I keep walking on the opposite side of the street, back towards my house. The last house I know is the one I know the best and is the most interesting one on the street. My parents always described the family directly across the way as “colorful” while my siblings and I called them freaks. I regret this now that I understand they
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