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| Oranges, by Gary Soto (1995) Melinda Bailey ENG125: Introduction to Literature Instructor: Andrea Moak January 15, 2012 | Oranges by Gary Soto (1995) I believe the symbolism of the state of California and the “Two Oranges” in his pocket was the main reason that I selected this poem of the many poems in week’s text. Gary Soto’s Bio was also very interesting to me coming from Fresno, CA. a small town very near my own small home town of Yuba City, CA... As the poem of “Orange”, it begins with a soft and somewhat comfortable tone, setting the feeling up for the entire poem. Thirdly, I must say the language was somehow familiar to the days in which I remember in December 1995, in the great state of California. The first…show more content…
(Clugston, 2010). A boy’s reflection of days and season’s gone by. This making me feels the emotion of missing my hometown and the wonderful fruit that has been grown throughout my own childhood and walking down the roads back in 1975, instead of 1995. The same state and area of that state, the same winters, the same roads of which I had walked many times with my Sister’s and other family members. Nostalgically wonderful author and narration of this poem and poet. Gary Soto’s Bio, is very interesting and written in a decade of with I can understand. Gary Soto is also the protagonist as well as the narrator in this simple poem of Oranges and a girl. The cool days of winter, and a road, the chocolate, the coin and oranges of California in his pocket. This poem is one of his many poems in his first collection of poems, would include, “The Elements of San Joaquin”, (MrAfrica@Akoot.com), just to mention one for example, in which he went on to win the United States Award for international poetry in 1976. But “Oranges” in my view is his best

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