My Mulatto Daughter

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Daniel T. Glodek EDUC 203.101 with Dr. Walter Gill September 14, 2011 All Eyes On Marilyn The title of Through The Eyes Of My Mulatto Daughter by Michele L. Waters refers to Brittney Adams. Mulatto refers to someone black and white ancestry. Marilyn, Brittney’s mother and Marilyn’s husband, was black, and Richard, her father, was white. The story of Marilyn and Richard’s marriage starts off as a classic love affair of epic proportions. They met in the Deep South during the Civil Rights Movement. It was a period when marriages between whites and blacks were socially unacceptable. Richard’s family was especially racists and they partially disowned him when he professed his love for a black woman. He was nearly beaten to death by a group of locals because of his love for Marilyn, but they stayed together. They were together for over 30 years before Richard was shot dead in his own home and Marilyn was arrested for his murder. Obviously at some point their love story turned into a tragedy. It is hard to define when that turning point was. Over the years Richard began to resent that his love for Marilyn cost him his relationship with his family. The racist ideals ingrained in him by his own upbringing slowly started to come out as he started to treat Marilyn more like a slave than his wife. That bigot created inside of him by his upbringing was probably only reinforced by his work a police lieutenant, which he cited as exposing him to countless degenerate black males. This dark side of him must not had been as strong they had their fist child, Brittney, or maybe it was because of her lighter complexion, but when Marilyn was pregnant for a second time three years later the bigot inside of him feared the worst. Egged on by his father, he was convinced that it was impossible to raise a male black child to be anything other than a degenerate. This is the

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