Hamlet Vs Nelson Mandela- "Choosing Death"

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Dominic da silva Compare and contrast essay Choosing death Memorable characters or leaders in life have fought and risked their life for the benefit of others. Death is a common factor that is always involved in ones own matter; it is known for a philosophical enquiry in most occasions. Nelson Mandela and Hamlet are two leaders who fought and risked their own life for others and demonstrated leadership among them. Hamlet was a great leader and was related to the royal family of Denmark. His famous conspiracy of death “to be or no to be”, was a questionable outsource for a lot of people. Hamlet faced relative problems, as he followed his beliefs which took him to the murder of his uncle who had a sexual affair with Hamlet’s mother and who is a widow after her husband’s death. Therefore, all of this occurred only but for recognition, his words and quotes were spoken for no reason with no imagery and without any sense. He spoke for the rights of innocent people and gave his life for his freedom of speech. Was imprisoned for 27 years, till he got out and took over the leadership of his country. Nelson Mandela said once “as we are liberated from own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”. This spoke him that if you face your fears and come through, you are then able and have the power and diligence to free others into liberty. These two great leaders had much apart, but similar in conspiracy. Both Mandela and Hamlet followed their beliefs and leadership; they were both wealthy and powerful and had no fear for anything faced against them. Hamlet had no chance but to follow his plan with the murder of his uncle, where Mandela resisted his obstacles and fought only with his voice and prevented deaths from happening. Mandela battles with no dispute for the rights of his race and Hamlet for the respect of his guardians. I suggest that death is
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