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My Wonderful Mother of my Life Jasmine Smalls ECPI University My wonderful Mother A person who is very important to someone in life is not a simple one for me. Many people have different regards as an individual as the significant person in their life. My mother is the most significant person in my life. My mother is very friendly, helpful, understanding and cooperative. To speak the truth, my beloved with whom I share my pathos, sentiments, feelings and experiences, has many significant contributions to me. All these are the achievements in my life. My mother gave me birth in this beautiful world, she raised me up with suffering, and she managed to send me to school, taught me how to become a women. She who is my friend, teacher, and guider is the most significant person in my life. When I was young my mother was my teacher, I didn’t think of my mother as the significant person in my life. I used to say my dad and I don’t remember why. But now, my mother is an inseparable person in my life. My mother is very tolerable until she can’t bear it anymore. She speaks soft in her persuading words and motivating tone. She is very mighty in her slow reaction and bold actions. She hardly loses her temper, but if she loses it, then a female tiger appears in the scene. My mother is very dynamic in her treatment to her children. She has implanted various images in my mind. My memory has saved many loving and much hated pictures of my mother. Initially, I used to consider my mother as the strongest person of the family. Everybody in the family used to be afraid of the mother, but I was too young to know this. When I was a child, I was more pampered by my grandfather. So, my mother and I were not that close. Once I began my schooling, my mother started taking care of me. For a much pampered child like me, her love and devotion seemed inferior to control, so she even

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