Family Violence In Finding Fish

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Both child maltreatment and family violence were greatly present throughout the memoir, Finding Fish. Antwone Fisher himself wrote his story on the maltreatment he and his foster siblings endured while in custody of both the state and different foster families. Antwone was born into a family with a strong history of family violence, being as his birth father, Eddie Elkins, was killed by a former girlfriend. When Antwone was placed with the Pickett’s, there too he was faced with both family violence, as well as many harsh forms of child maltreatment. As there were many weaknesses and negatives of all of the families present in Finding Fish, each family had their own set of strengths and positives as well. The Elkin’s family was one that Antwone did not know in depth as a child, being that he was taken into custody of the state only weeks after birth. The Elkin’s family consisted of Eddie, Antwone’s father, Antwone’s grandparents and eight other children. Antwone’s grandfather was a doctor who worked two jobs, while his grandmother was a housewife. The Elkin’s family was looked…show more content…
Antwone’s mother was young and incarcerated at the time of his birth, but even with her age, Antwone’s mother wanted her child to be taken care of. Even though she was not able to provide care herself for Antwone, it was important to her as a mother to make sure her child would live a better life. This showed strength within his mother that she wanted what was best for Antwone. Antwone’s mother, Eva Mae, visited Antwone few times once he was removed from her custody, but later discontinued the visits. Later in life when Antwone met his mother, she was barely able to speak to him, because of the similarities between Antwone and his father. Even though this must have been hard for Eva Mae to handle, she did allow herself to speak to her son, before she soon after
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