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My Idea Of Heaven Essay

  • Submitted by: ekkchhog2324
  • on November 16, 2009
  • Category: Arts and Music
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My Idea of Heaven

While watching a video at my friends iPod "my idea of heaven by Leigh
Nash" I wrote something and here I'm so effing nice to share it:

the song goes something like this: “ I never thought I'd get here, I was so far away,

I didn't believe in love, thought it was just a game people play

Everything changed when I met you,

I touched your hand you took my heart

And you led me to a better place

Just the two of us in the dark..

This is my idea of heaven lying here with you

This is my idea of heaven nothing else I'd rather do..”

Scene in a car in a provincial road where you could only see grasslands
and mountains afar, the car is an old 2-door truck, with the windows
rolled down

Girl: “I love this song.. (starts humming and turned the volume up on the radio) hmm.. hm.. hmm

Boy: “really? Hmm it's a good song. Is it about love? (half sarcastically)”

Girl: “yeah well of course it is! You really are a mood killer you know!(shifts her seat)”

Boy: “whoa ha-ha, that was an honest question (holds the girls hands with one hand and then smiles)”

Girl: “fine. Hmpf, but anyway, it is about love, how heaven would be connected to the one you love”

Boy: “oh.. hmm really..”

Girl: “you don't seem to be impressed? You got another idea?”

Boy: “well.. haha nah nah you are right”

Girl: “cmon! Tell me at least we could talk about this until we reach the farm!”

Boy: “haha alright alright, I think it's about happiness”

Girl: “isn't it the same? Love = happiness?”

Boy: kinda.. but not quite.”

Girl: “okay then, then how is it not quite?”

Boy: “well for me, as the song says, in heaven love is everywhere,
love is this and that right? If you love someone what do you feel?”

Girl: “um.. happy?”

Boy: “exactly, you feel...

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