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Let’s Talk Pillow Talk Instantly, I was enthralled by the title name of the movie, “Pillow Talk”. Before the movie even started playing in class, I wondered what the movie could be about, while Doris Day sang the joyful “Pillow Talk” song at the beginning of the film. When the movie came to the point where Brad overhears that the girl sitting behind his table at the nightclub is not only Jonathan’s dream woman, but also the other half of his partyline, the excitement of the movie started to kick in. From that point on, I enjoyed every part of the hilarious comedy film. Michael Gordon illustrates Jan Marrow falling in love with Brad Allen and keeping her antagonistic telephone 'relationship' with her enemy in “Pillow Talk”, in order to convey that dishonesty can fool an individual into mistaking one’s identity as people can be totally different from who they were once perceived to be. Day and Hudson are a delightful pair and are pure magic. The dynamics of their relationship, whether it is love or hate relationship, are never without that special spark that fuses them together. This movie is truly a charmer, there’s an abundant amount of comedic enlightenment that virtually jumps off the screen and makes the audience laugh. Even a clever split screen technique was used to put them in compromising positions, each in his/her own bed or in the bathtub, talking intimately on the phone. The director, Michael Gordon, used this technique in order to allow the audience to see both, and in some cases all three sides of the conversation. Watching Day roll her eyes and toss her head back in anger over the busy party line was hilarious, since the audience knows she’s being fooled. Even Tony Randall manages to add a humorous sincerity into his character that stimulates sympathy from the audience, when he is originally the one the audience believes is the enemy standing in the
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